CAP-Professional Credentials

What Is a Professional Credential?

A Professional Credential is a recognition from an awarding body, association or institution. A competent authority offers Professional Credentials based on a structured assessment of different criteria/competencies set by that authority.

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Types of Professional Credentials

Cambridge Academy of Professionals has two types of Professional Credentials: Certified Professional and Certified Function Specialist.

Certified Professional refers to professional recognition. For example: Certified Sales Professional, Certified Supply Chain Management Professional,Certified Human Resource Professional etc.[List of Certified Professional credentials]

Certified Function Specialist refers to the specialisation in any particular function of a profession. For example, Recruitment & selection Specialist under the Human Resource Profession, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist under the Project Management Profession etc. [List of Certified Function Specialist]

Why Professional CredentialS?​

Professional Credentials are proof of being a competent practitioner in a profession/function. As Professional Credentials are offered through a structured assessment process based on set criteria/competencies, the credential helps individuals to accelerate their careers as well as become trusted by corporations and other professionals.


Why choose the CAP Professional Credentials Programme?

Cambridge Academy of Professionals, a UK-based professional community, has developed a Body of Professional Competency [BPC] applicable to any profession. CAP-BPC uses research-based assessment criteria to explore the Capacity Intention Capability [CIC] of a professional to apply, promote, and contribute in the professional areas to achieve organisational goals.

This is a unique opportunity for any professional to prove his or her competency level through this Professional Credentials program. CAP-Professional Credentials are accepted by the global professional community as well as corporates across the globe.

Levels of CAP-Certified Professional Credentials​

Cambridge Academy of Professionals has classified Professional credentials into 3 levels.

Professional Level-1: CAP-ACP [Associate Certified Professional]

Professional Level-2: CAP-CP [Certified Professional]

Professional Level-3: CAP-SCP [Senior Certified Professional]


In addition to these levels, there is CAP-FC [Fellow Contributor] which will be offered through our fellowship program. In this category, there is no need for an application. The CAP accreditation board will nominate individuals and after a thorough assessment of their contribution to the professional community, they will be awarded CAP-FC.