CAP membership option

DREAMS COME TRUE! Join the CAP membership scheme, gain clout, and become connected with a large professional community.

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Global Networking

The CAP membership gives you an opportunity to connect with a large number of members in the professional community. Share thoughts and get exposure across the globe. Become global.


Engage With CAP

There are different options for members to engage with the Cambridge Academy of Professionals:

  • Opportunity to become an instructor at Cambridge Academy of Professionals.
  • Opportunity to work as a researcher for the CAP professional community.
  • Opportunity to become a member of the course accreditation board, certification council, CPD team, resource development team, etc.
  • Opportunity to become a representative for a regional area

Special fees for certifications

Become a member of Cambridge Academy of Professionals and enjoy special fees for the below:

  • Learning & development courses.
  • Certification programme.
  • Access to different professional tools for free/special fee.
  • Join regular webinars/ recorded sessions for free.
  • Continue personal development programmes.