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Global Network For Professionals And Institutes.

Global Network

Global community for different Professionals across the globe for enriching knowledge and building network

Online Professional Certification

Online Professional Certifications for achieving Credentials and digital badges to prove competent professionals in different discipline

Institute Accreditation

Accreditation Support to Education Institute/ Training Institute/ Business School for getting acceptance globally.

Learning Management System

User friendly Learning Management system to get access from anywhere anytime

Affordable Fees

Affordable Fees for different regions/ countries to make the certification available for all community

Course Accreditation

Certification Support for different Institutes for their own courses with standard assessment facility

Certified Professional Credential

Professional Credential is the recognition as professional from any awarding body or association or Institute. Any competent authority offers Professional Credential based on structured Assessment on different criteria/ competencies set by that authority to standardize the professional practices.

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Cambridge Learning Centre

Cambridge Learning Centre [CLC] is one of the premium learning houses. Cambridge Academy of Professionals, UK has introduced this learning platform to ensure possibilities for individual/ organizations to up skill the professionals across the globe. Courses from Cambridge Learning Centre is globally recognized. Thousands of corporates recognize the credibility of the courses presented by Cambridge Learning Centre. CLC focuses on Competency based learning. All the courses in CLC platform ensures the application of skills. So the name Cambridge earning Centre is trusted by millions of professionals across the globe.

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Institute of KPI Specialist

Institute of KPI specialists is a professional institute in the area of Performance Management, KPI Setting, Organizational Excellence. This is a JV company of CAP-UK The major focus area of IKPIS is improving Business Performance through:

  • System Performance
  • People Performance
  • Process Performance
  • Resource Performance and
  • overall organizational ​effectiveness improvement
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Tools and Formats for Professionals

Tools and Formats – one of the largest Market place for Professional to get useful tools and formats to do professional activities within the organization. T&F is an unit of Cambridge Academy of Professionals – UK. The name itself declares about the product/ services from this unit. We offer different tools and usable formats in edtable versin. Any professional can take effective, standardized, customizable and easy to use tols/ formats from this biggest marketplace with very affordable price. To help the professional community, CAP-UK patronizes this market place.

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Accreditation Support for Institute

Getting Accreditation from UK based Professional Institute Cambridge Academy of Professionals [CAP-UK] is the BEST solution for your Institute

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Psychometric Test/ Virtual Assessment Centre

Psychometric Centre is an initiative of Cambridge Academy of Professionals – UK [CAP-UK]. CAP is committed to Quality & Reliability. Millions of Professionals/ Members of CAP showed their confidence on Psychometric Centre for its high quality assessment in different areas. Psychometric Centre offers wide range of Test and Assessment for professionals working in different disciplines. It gives you opportunity to assess your personal area, professional competency, social competency etc. There are solutions for Fresher’s as well.

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Function Specialist Professional Credential

Certified Function Specialist refers the Professional Credential for any specific function under a profession. This Function Specialist Credential proof the competency of an incumbent to design, modify, apply and establish that particular function in any organization along with its tool pack. For example: Certified Performance Management Specialist is the Function Specialist Credential under the Human resource Profession.

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Professional Membership

DREAM comes TRUE! Join the membership scheme of Cambridge Academy of Professionals [CAP] and become connected with a large Professional community. Member of a renowned Professional Institute like Cambridge Academy of Professionals brings big height for every professional.

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What Professionals feel about us!


Millions of Professionals are connected with Cambridge Academy of Professionals - UK. All feel proud to be attached with CAP in different capacity. Thousand of Accredited Institutes are also feel the same

Cambridge Acamy of Professionals offers highly effective professional certifications which helps professionals to enhance the competency with global standard
Ishita Malhotra
After getting certification from Cambridge I could shift my job with higher role even in Pendamic situation. Thanks CAP for the support. Strongly recommended
James Farnando
The accreditation from Cambridge Academy of Professionals helps our Institute to become more popular in professional courses. Grateful to Cambridge for this support
Charles Gilbert
I feel proud to become professional member of Cambridge Academy of Professionals. It gives us a very big professional network
Alisa Michel hones

Honorary President

Lim Cheng Tiong, Tom is a USA Certified Career and Performance Coach (GCDF), an experienced Regional Human Resource Practitioner/Consultant and a Professional Trainer/Facilitator who specializes in process facilitation, experiential action-learning and behavioural-based results- oriented training. He earned his Master of Business Administration from Lancaster University, United Kingdom. By profession, he is HR & Management Professional holding different positions in different organization in different capacity. He currently holds the appointment as the Human Resources Assessor for the IHRP-SP (Institute of Human Resources Professionals), in which he provides assessment of companies’ state of Human Capital Maturity to identify gaps and provide recommendations and intervention for improvement. A resourceful and energetic professional with successful track record of over 20 years’ experience in full-spectrum HR activities in various MNCs and International global organisations in Management, HR & leadership roles.


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